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Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Last week Apple had their developers conference WWDC.  This is the conference where Apple entertains third party Apple developers and communicates the changes and new item that will be released.  The developers need this info so they can have information like specs: how fast, how much storage, memory, pixels, how loud?  Lately there has been more pomp than circumstance. In the past…they should have written a note.  The Apple community has been whirling about the lack of innovation and maybe weak leadership.  There was a time where the art community would say you could not do anything on Windows.  Microsoft had been focusing on the business model that they could not identify with the real pros for computing.  Apple had a die hard market.  The design fit the market too.  It was cool to have a Mac.  Lately, Apple has dropped the ball and has waned the advancement for it’s community.

Along comes Microsoft.  Microsoft released the Surface Studio for the pros.  There was hope for the artist community.  The large monitor even bent down to the angle where a draftsman or artist would feel comfortable.  Tech news commentators say that the Apple lifers were changing from Mac to Microsoft.  Apple dropped the ball.  

Then I was wondering, how does Loyalty play with your work.  I mean…I was in the military for 10 years, Network Admin at a college for 7 years, and another job for 10 years at a non-profit.  How does that look for the employer?  The pressure is…just like Apple…you don’t want to drop the ball and not look valuable to the organizations.  Many times I would see people up against that line and trying to “one up” each other and show themselves up with their boss.  I have found myself doing the same thing.  Not a pretty site.

Doesn’t our employer deserve our loyalty?  Why do I have to show myself for approval? I have always understood that loyalty has alway been based on job security.  This is totally false.  I just read an article from Psychology Today called Is loyalty dead?  The article states that loyalty has always been linked to job security.  This thinking is dinosaur.  According to Bill Taylor from Fast Company and author a book called ‘Mavericks at Work”.  Bill says this…

“organizations are not a source of security but they are a source of identify.”  The common thread of modern loyalty is to be loyal to something bigger than yourself. “People do their best work when they identify themselves as part of a team or a project.”

I agree with this.  You will find yourself working all day, nights, and weekend just working on a project that you are passionate about.  I think it is time to start looking for that job that can spin your top.  It would be good to see those jobs lining up on the line and trying to impress me.

The moral of the story…Apple came back with an impressive Mac to beat out Microsoft and you can be impressive too!

Are you passionate about the work you have been doing?  How did you get back to being loyal to your work?

Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These

Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These

Ricardo Montauban has always been my favorite character in Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. He portrayed the character known as Khan.  Khan was someone to be feared.  It definitely would have been someone that you should have left on Ceti Alpha V (I had to look that one up).  In the new Khan movie Star Trek:Into Darkness  Khan is brought into situations of trust…he was a means to an end.

There is a scene where Kirk and Khun are shot out in space from the Enterprise’s trash exhaust and they must “space jump” to the USS Vengeance cargo bay.  I am sure you probably know what I am talking about.  Anyways…Scotty is in the Vengence and he must open the cargo bay with the knowledge of the danger that the entire cargo bay will be depressurized and risk being sucked in space.  The space jumpers could hit debris all around or the ship itself…and Scotty is well aware Kirk and Khan have to hit the target straight on.  Scotty compares it to “jumping off a moving car, off a bridge, into a shot glass”.   As Kirk flies toward the ship at a very fast speed you can see how easy it is to get off course with just the slightest change of direction.   It is that minor course change that can keep us (me) from not meeting our goals and if you continue to go down the wrong direction it can be difficult or even impossible to reach that goal(s).

After watching that movie I realized that with ever choice, decisions, bad judgement call that I have made it has altered the course that I was on. As Marlon Brando laments “I coulda’ been a contender,” “Instead of a bum, which is what I am – let’s face it.”  Ok, I don’t think I am a bum but I do know that I need to alter my course. I am hoping that through this blog I will take care of some of the specific things that need to be improved to bring me back on course.

I like Glenn Llopis article called Get Back On Track By Applying Four Lessons At Work.  He states that you develop your own personal brand to:

“assure you stay focused and are able to handle all of the changes that are taking place at work and in the marketplace. A personal brand keeps you prepared for the unexpected and the opportunities where you can contribute the most”.

  1. Broaden Your Observations…Beyond the Obvious

Take a different approach at your work and cut it into different steps and make each move into opportunities rather than priorities..

  1. Expand Your Creativity…Courageously

courageously challenge the ways you think (to avoid complacency) and how things operate (processes and procedures) in the areas that impact your work, you begin to discover ways to improve onhow things get done; it opens your eyes to new opportunities for growth.

  1. Focus on What Matters Most…Strategically

Being strategically focused you begin to get more critical about timing,

  1. Pay it Forward…With a Purpose

Once you get back on goal you will need to help others to get back. Comradery is a whole lot better than “misery loves company”.

Have you gone off course?  Are you working on getting back on track?  Tell me (us) what you did to hit the mark.

This is my fight song….

This is my fight song….

This blog is dedicated to those out there who feel restricted or…dare I say trapped.  Job is not going the way you thought it was it would, you are still living month after month paying off debt, and you are floating in the 50’s age bracket.  The 40’s was going so well you thought that the future you had to wear shades.  Now you are looking at the years from now to “retirement” and you are thinking you are stuck and can’t get to the other side.  Being In Between.

Life is not really that bad but there are some tweeks that could change your life and the lives of your family. Here is a quote from Dave Ramsey “Be intense, passionate, and fired up, but about things that matter, things that change your life and your legacy”.  From now on…we are going to be intentional in what we do and not just wait for other pieces decide our future.

I will work hard to be consistent and write original weekly posts.  During that week…I might post something inspirational or something ho hum that shows sparkle.  We will talk about music, family, relationships, work, dreams, and a whole lot more.  It is my hope that we will all will get to the other side unscathed and have a great story to tell.

Thank you for your time and please send me your thoughts and questions.  I don’t have it all together but maybe we can find a solution together.


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